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8 Reasons Why You Should Call Your Insurance Agent and A-1 Roofing (Here are the facts) regarding your Dallas roof repair.

1. Even if your roof was installed the day before the hail storm, you have received hail damage.

2. Hail damage to your roof is not visible from the ground.

3. Leaks are not the only signs of roof damage.

4. Roofs being replaced in your neighborhood are a definite indication you have hail damage.

5. Shingle manufacturers will no longer warrant their products when exposed to any acts of God, such as hail storms or storms of unusual intensity.

6. Your roof warranty may be no longer in effect as of the storm according to manufacurer’s warranties.

7. Hail damage will show 2 to 3 years down the road.

8. Most insurance companies require the homeowner to file a claim within 180 days of the date of loss.

Hail Damage Re-Roofing Texas


** The Effect Of Hail On Shingles **

The Impact of hail on shingles can cause the following:

  1. It can remove and fracture the granule surfacing material. This may be obvious afer hail storms that have large hail or storms that hail for extended periods
    of time. this damage to the shingles may or may not be obvious.
  2. The granule surfacing material is loosened. This will not immediately showup as visual damage. This will cause the shingles to loose granule over time at an accelerated rate and lead to premature failure.

Shingle Structure and Purpose

The granules protect the asphalt from sunlight and ultravilet (UV) light. Sunlight and UV will deteriorate the asphalt. The asphalt will deteriorate very quickly once exposed
to the sun. Any accelerated granule loss will significantly reduce the life of the shingle. It has been expressed that there is 25% more granules on a shingle than what is needed.

This is not true. Some granules are not actually embedded in the asphalt when the shingle is produced and will come off the roof in the first year after application.
After the first year the shingle does not carry any more granules that are necessary to protect the shingles for its’ intended life expectancy.

If there has been a hail storm in your area, make sure to have your roof checked by an expert regarding your roof repair in Texas.

Hail Damage Re-Roofing Dallas, Austin, Houston

How to Identify Hail Damage

  1. Missing area of granules on shingles.
  2. Gutters, swimming pools, or areas under eaves that are not covered with fill granules. Most shingles have a few pounds of colored granules per square of coverage.
    It does not take too many missing or loose granules to have significant shingle damage.
  3. Dimples on shingles may also be seen on the back of the shingles as round, half round, or crescent shaped bruises.
  4. Dents in flashing, ridges, vents stack and lead boots would indicate that the roof has seen hail damage.

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